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We Are Who We Are

Get to know MP3Japan
MP3Japan is a community for fans of Japanese genres
(music, movies, anime, culture etc)

As for MP3Japan, as long as you enjoy the Japanese stream, you can be a part of us.

Starting from MIRC, now MP3Japan has around 200 members and has active members in around 30 people. MP3Japan members come from various age groups and races.

Internet technology has enabled members to consist of those who are in the corners of peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak and abroad.


Our Feature

We would like to take our "Otaku Generation" to next level
Our Music

Share your Japanese-Hit style with others that have same favourite-like music. The more the better.

Our Social

We love to welcome you all to our own community, join us in any event, gathering, and some mixing with others that have same interest in our nihon-style.

Our Radio

Kite~! listen our most hits and well choose song all-in anime+jpop+others streaming 24/7 online radio.

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